Can you picture a Safety Pin? Notice how it is rounded at the top and bottom and when the pin is closed there are two metal pieces connecting the top and the bottom rounded ends. Pretend that the top of the safety pin is our brain. Now imagine that the bottom of the pin is our body. Our amazing nervous system functions like a safety pin…well, simply put it does. It obviously is a lot more complicated than a safety pin. Messages from the brain (top of safety pin) go down the spinal cord (one side of pin) and reach the desired body location. The tissues and nerve endings read that message and then respond back up the other side sending that message back up into the brain. Messages are constantly going back and forth in the “pin cycle”. However, what happens when we interfere with that cycle (ie. opening the pin). The communication is effectively cut off! The brain can no longer communicate with the body and vice versa. When the messages are interfered with, that is when our body starts to lose its state of ease or balance. When left uncorrected for a long period of time, it eventually can cause disease.

Chiropractors, are doctors that find the cause of interference to the nervous system and we help restore (close the pin) the communication and thus provide optimal health back to the nervous system and overall body system.

Naturally Restoring Your Health,

Dr. Gunderson