Altoona, WI–

Yesterday, at Health4Life Chiropractic, was our first annual Kid’s Health Day!  We had a fantastic time!  Many parents brought their children in for spinal screenings, great food, fun games, face painting, and more!  The most important part of the event was, of course, the spinal screenings.  It is SO important to get your child checked for spinal problems.  Spinal mis-alignments, called subluxations, can occur at a very young age and can go undetected for years.  I can’t believe how many young children (under 5 years old) suffer with intestinal problems, headaches, and ear infections.  Most people don’t know that chiropractic can help!  In fact, chiropractic can help in an all-natural, no drugs or surgery, environment.

During our Kid’s day yesterday, we also can detect scoliosis in children. Many of the medical community use the wait and see approach in regards to scoliosis.  Chiropractic takes a proactive approach to scoliosis and we try to “nip it in the bud” right away.  Scoliosis is NEVER normal!  It can lead to serious health issues and needs to be addressed right away.  Corrective Chiropractic care can help stop the development of severe scoliosis and in some cases can completely correct it.

I had another discussion with a father that is a patient of mine today.  We were talking about his children, one is 6 years old and has tubes in her ears, and another is about to get tubes in her ears.  The father didn’t even know that chiropractic can help with recurring ear infections.  In fact, we maybe could have saved him thousands of dollars (which would be very beneficial for him in this economy as he has lost his job) had we communicated to him earlier about the benefits of chiropractic to children.  This just re-affirms to me the commitment our office needs to make to help our community get healthier.  We need to get the message out to uninformed or mis-informed parents.

We are here to change families in our community by “Naturally Restoring Your Health.”

Dr. Gunderson