Altoona & Eau Claire, WI–

I’m not afraid to refer to another chiropractor if the patient desires it or needs it.  Because some patients may not be getting full and complete results, why do people give up on chiropracTIC?  ChiropracTIC works all the time.  Sometimes the chiropractor doesn’t seem to.  I have an example of this in my office.  I had a patient come in over a month ago complaining of lower back pain, pain into the glut and legs, and causing weakness into his one leg.  He is a farmer and couldn’t even do his job anymore (in fact, his wife was milking the cows for him) and would lose his livelihood had he not got results quickly.  He was desperate for results and was heading toward surgery soon if he hadn’t stopped in our office.  He had visited a chiropractor a few weeks prior for a few adjustments with no apparent results, but instead of giving up on chiropracTIC, like the other chiropracTOR had, he decided to visit our office for a second opinion.

We consulted with him, did an examination (with our Nervous System Scanning technology), and took x-rays of his spine.  After finding the cause to his pain and weakness, we decided to correct the problem.  Man, has he been thankful he decided to go ahead with care.  He has been seeing us for just over a month now and has had fantastic results.  He has noticed a lot less pain, the strength in his leg is back, his neck range of motion has improved, and he is back to doing his farming full-time and doesn’t need to rely on his wife to do the work for him.  Praise God, this man sought us out!  He can make a living and do the work that he needs to do.  It is for people like him that we love and enjoy what we do at Health4Life!

The principle of chiropracTIC works ALL the time….like gravity.  It is the chiropracTOR and patient that limit the results.  Find a great chiropractor that helps you live life to the fullest and tell everyone!

Naturally Restoring Your Health!

Dr. Gunderson