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Spinal Degeneration, also more descriptively termed “Degenerative Disc Disease”, or “Degenerative Joint Disease”, is the wear and tear changes that occur to the spinal bones, joints, and discs from the spine being out of place (subluxated) for too long a time.

The metaphor that I like to use is that of a car tire.  Imagine you’re driving down the road and you hit a pothole with one of your tires.  That specific tire will get out of alignment.  What happens to a misaligned tire over time?  It wears out faster than the rest of the tires.  More wear and tear occurs on that tire.  At first, a driver might not notice the tire misalignment as it doesn’t affect the performance of the vehicle at first.  However, if driven on for a long period of time, the performance of the vehicle is hindered.  Eventually, if still not addressed, bigger issues ensue.  The axle can get damaged causing bigger, more expensive, problems.  Eventually the performance of the vehicle is so poor, emergency work needs to be done.

Our spinal and overall health is no different.  When we have trauma of some sort (ie. car accident, athletics, poor posture, falls, slips, etc.) our spine can get misaligned (subluxated).  At first, when we are subluxated, we don’t notice too big a difference in our performance.  However, over time, just like the tire, our performance gets affected and our body/health is so impacted that we need emergency work done to try and save us.

First of all, chiropractors are the only trained doctors to correct the misalignment of the spine!  You would never take your misaligned tire and poorly performing car to a home inspector to get it fixed, right?  They don’t work on that!  When you have a subluxation of your spine, chiropractors fix this!  Come see Health4Life for that.  We are the experts of that condition.

Now, back to spinal degeneration.  How does that fit into this?  When spinal subluxations are left untreated for a long time, spinal degeneration starts to occur.  Spinal degeneration comes in the form of bone spurring and disc thinning.  If you wait to long, the degeneration can be too severe and irreversible.  However, with corrective chiropractic, you can slow down the degenerative process and in some cases stop and reverse the damage that has been done.  You see, with a car, you can always get a new tire.  With the spine, we don’t have that luxury.

Bottom line: degeneration of the spine causes many problems to your health–too many to list here.  It is NOT normal to have degeneration even as your age increases!  Many medical doctors even say that it is part of the normal aging process.  NO WAY!  Our spines are designed to last 120 years without degeneration.  Degeneration is NEVER normal.  Chiropractic offers a natural, get-to-the-bottom-of-the-problem, solution to a degenerative spine.

Don’t let yours get too far gone.  Come get a checkup at our office to see if we can help you get back to PEAK PERFORMANCE!

Naturally Restoring Your Health,

Dr. Gunderson