Eau Claire & Altoona, WI–


From not being able to do his job, to going above and beyond with a lot more energy!

Before starting chiropractic care, I had a very sore lower back with pain shooting down my left leg.  I had a fair amount of weakness in that leg as well.  I also had a stiff neck for many years.

Since getting chiropractic care at Health4Life, my back is still sore and stiff some days, but I don’t have sharp pain shooting down my leg.  The strength in my left leg has improved a lot.  Also, I have seen improvement in my neck.

I’ve also noticed improvement in other areas of my health!  I milk cows for a living, and needed help for a short time as the pain and weakness in my leg was a big problem.  My wife was helping me with my chores.  However, since coming to Health4Life, I am now able to do the chores on my own and have enough strength and energy to do extra chores now.  I couldn’t even think about doing those extra chores prior to visiting Health4Life Chiropractic.  I guess it’s also nice to sleep all night in my bed which I couldn’t do prior as I was spending my nights sleeping on the recliner.

I really appreciate all the results I have received here at Health4Life!

–Darrel R.

Dr. Gunderson’s Note: This patient was heading toward injections and possible surgery had he not stopped in our office.  He had “tried” chiropractic at another office, but didn’t get results.  By the grace of God he chose to visit a different chiropractor, us, and see what we could offer.  He has had great results, but we are far from fully correcting his underlying problem.  He has had great results because of his commitment to our care!