Eau Claire & Altoona, WI–

For those that read this blog, here’s your early sneak peek.  Next Monday, Oct. 11th, I’ll have an ad in the paper detailing a “Special Offer” for a short time only that will allow a New Patient to come into our office for the low price of $15.  Normally a full check-up in our office (which includes a consultation, examination, and x-rays) costs $225.  However, I’m running a 1 week special that will allow someone to see if chiropractic can help them.

You see, what I’ve realized in my years of chiropractic business is that many people are hesitant to go to a chiropractor if they don’t know the chiropractor or don’t know someone close to them that sees that chiropractor.  Many times I also hear that the first appointment can be pricey.  I’ve tried to take all of those concerns and thrown them out with the water.  I’ve made it very affordable!  I’ve also provided an advertisement that gives a lot of information about our office and about myself as the chiropractor.

I’m giving you the FIRST chance at getting in for a check-up.  We’ll see if we can help you get your health back or reach even better health than you are currently experiencing.  Just click on the this link below, read, and follow the steps!  It’s as easy as that!

Click on this link for Ad!

My mission is to help families achieve better health through proper chiropractic care and other healthy lifestyle choices.  We can change your life!

Naturally Restoring Your Health!

Dr. Gunderson