Altoona & Eau Claire, WI–


Family of 4 gets healthy with Chiropractic

After suffering for years with chronic lower back pain, I decided to see if Dr. Gunderson could help.  Before I came in for my first appointment I was unable to do anything without pain.  After getting treatment from Health4Life I am no longer in pain and I have much more energy.

I had such success with Chiropractic care that I brought my husband and sons in for treatment as well.  My husband also had chronic lower back pain and he also suffered from numbness in his legs after he had been kneeling or squatting while at work.  Since receiving treatment from Dr. Gunderson his pain is almost non-existent and the numbness in his legs has completely disappeared.  He has more energy and is better able to get through the day at work!

I decided to see if Chiropractic would be able to help my two young sons.  One suffered from bed wetting and the other had problems getting and staying asleep.  They haven’t been seeing Dr. Gunderson for long but they have already made great improvements!  We’ve noticed a significant improvement in night-time wetting for our one son and more sound sleep from the other.  We will continue bringing them in for care and expect to see even better results.