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We are in the dog-days of winter and it is wearing on people.  The lack of sun and heat can significantly impact your mood and health.  Depression, or even Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), are very common conditions especially in the Midwest.  In the U.S. it affects almost 19 million adults.  The fastest growing demographic for antidepressant prescriptions is preschoolers! There are many misconceptions about these conditions.  Many people seek help from a psychiatrist to help with their mood and symptoms.  However, research has proven over and over again that medicating people is not the solution. Antidepressant medication has shown in research studies to be ineffective.  In fact, in mild to moderate depression, the antidepressants did not outperform placebo.  Yet, millions of American’s are written prescriptions every year.  As you’ll see below, the side effects of antidepressants are dangerous.  Read for yourself and make a correct decision.

I’ve also included an article from Dr. Mercola on the issue.  Enjoy reading that at your leisure.  Here is what I recommend to help with SAD or depression:  chiropractic care to increase nerve function and adaptability to stress, exercise, sun (or Vit D supplement), prayer, & a nutritious diet that includes Omega-3 supplementation.

Naturally Restoring Your Health,

Dr. Gunderson

Dr. Mercola’s Article


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