Altoona & Eau Claire, WI–

After welcoming our first child into the world last week, I’ve come into appreciation of what young parents go through with a newborn–both in the “medical system” and at home.  So many choices to make that affect you and your baby.  If you are not informed, it is easy to fall into the “run of the mill” treatment in the hospital and before you know it, you are being discharged into the unknown.

My wife and I came with a different approach to our birth in the hospital.  Because we were trained really well with our Bradley Technique and Classes (12 weeks of Pre-natal classes all 2.5 hours each), we came really prepared and knew exactly what our best options were for us.  Obviously not all births go as planned, but we were ready for Plan A-C.  We had our birth plan ready for all those involved several weeks prior to our delivery.  We researched EVERY thing we possibly could so that we would make informed decisions and wouldn’t just rely on our “wonderful” medical system.  I knew that having a baby in the hospital, in the USA, was a risk in itself.  In 2008, the US ranked 29th in the world in infant mortality.  You can read a little more from this article from WebMD.  We also knew exactly what the baby would be given in the form of medications, vaccinations, and everything else and researched all of that so that we made informed decisions there too.  When it was time to go into the hospital for our 1st baby delivery, we felt very confident on what we were to expect.  The labor was intense, just ask my wife, and exhausting, but because of our training and rehearsing, she delivered our beautiful baby boy into this world un-medicated.  What a great start to life for him!

We are so thrilled to share our life with our baby.  It is early yet, but we feel prepared for this and are excited to raise a healthy and happy baby!  He’s already received two adjustments from me, his chiropractor:)  I’m glad he was checked already as those spinal problems could have resulted in major problems down the road.

Bottom line:  Be informed.  You need to do what is best for your baby and family, but un-informed, and ignorant decisions are what really fire me up!  If you have questions, just ask and I can point you to information so that you can educate yourself.  May God bless you with the “Gift of Life” in both the physical and spiritual dimensions.

Naturally Restoring Your Health,

Dr. Gunderson