Altoona & Eau Claire, WI–


“Not a waste of money, but an investment in your health”

My name is Heather and when I first came to Health4Life, I was skeptical.  I had been to other chiropractors before and they would make me feel better for a day or two, but then the pain would return.  My husband set the appointment for the both of us and when I went in, I was greeted by Christa with a big smileJ!  Everyone in the office was very friendly.  I felt welcomed!  I met with Dr. Gunderson and he took the time to sit down with me and get to know me.  We then did some examinations and set up another appointment to go over the results.  On our next appointment, he sat down with me and explained the results so that I could understand them.  He also explained in detail what he was going to do to help me get the most out of his care.  Since then I have been felling better.  I have more energy, and am to do more things with my kids.  He has not only helped my back but has helped my entire body and way of life.  I would strongly recommend anyone to go to Health4Life for their chiropractic needs.  Thank you, Health4Life staff, for providing me the ability to have a better life!

–Heather M.