Altoona & Eau Claire, WI–

Have you ever thought of your decisions (especially in thought, exercise (or lack-there-of), nutrition) as either suicidal or beneficial?  Did you know that you and your kids make suicidal decisions every day!  I’m not exempt, but my goal each day is to make more beneficial decisions than suicidal.  Here are some examples….

Choice (in nutrition):  Chips or an apple

Seems pretty simple doesn’t it?  This is really obvious, but do you truly see one as suicidal and one as beneficial?  Do you let your children eat the refined, nutrient-less chips more often than not?  Chips, and many other processed snacks and foods, are literally suicidal (I know that seems a bit over the top, but it is to stress the point) to us.  Eating these things literally destroys our cells ability to produce health and vitality.  On the other hand, an apple, has hundreds of beneficial nutrients and produces healthy and vibrant cells.

Choice (in thought):  Bitterness or Compassion

Again, easy, right?  Bitterness for situations, people, etc. results in unhealthy cells.  It’s true.  The way you think and the feelings you hold effect your health and vitality and is actually suicidal.  On the other hand, compassion for yourself and others produces a very beneficial result for your body and health.  Compassion over a long period of time produces vitality, happiness, and a very purposeful life:)

Choice (in exercise):  Body pump class or sleeping in and running off to work

On the one hand, sleeping is very beneficial for all of us and we need to have plenty of it.  However, if you would go to bed on-time, then get your butt out of bed and get to the class.  Sleeping in and rushing through your morning will produce suicide in the body.  This is horrible for your health, life, and vitality.  Getting up early, going to body pump class (or getting any exercise) and getting to work on-time is super beneficial for you health and vibrancy.  Exercise produces healthy cell function even long after the workout is done.


The choice is yours.  I’m not asking you to be perfect, I’m definitely not.  However, if we start taking our choices seriously for ourselves and family, then long-term positive, healthy change can happen.  Today is the day to start making those choices!

Naturally Restoring Your Health,

Dr. Gunderson