Altoona & Eau Claire, WI–

Do you remember that show a few years back on TV called “The Weakest Link”?  I don’t remember a ton about the show, but just remember the famous host saying, “You are the weakest link!”.  When we look at a chain and one of the links are weakened for some reason the whole chain is weak.  In fact, a chain that is suppose to pull thousands of pounds will lose all that power if just one of the links is weak.

This analogy works well for the spine.  Our vertebrae make up links of a chain.  Each vertebra is independent, but relies heavily on all the others to function properly.  If one vertebra is out of alignment (subluxated), then it is weak.  In fact, the tissues around a subluxation get weak and degenerative.  Because of this, the rest of your spine is only as good as the weakest link.

Many times patients come into my office looking for relief of their pain in a certain area of the body.  If they have low back pain, they want treatment there.  However, I take a whole spine approach to the chain of vertebrae.  Yes, your pain may be in the lower back, but it could be caused by a weak link in the neck.  That lower back will not improve unless the whole chain improves.  My job as a chiropractor is to find the weakest links in the chain of the spinal column and improve & strengthen that link so as to improve the whole.

Here at Health4Life, we view the whole body as an interrelated unit.  Be strong, strengthen your chain and you will be healthier and happier!

Naturally Restoring Your Health,

Dr. Gunderson