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Child’s Constipation is Gone

Before coming to Health4Life Chiropractic, my daughter had dealt with constipation issues for almost all of her 2.5 years of life and it was getting really bad! Potty training was impossible. We had to give her tablespoons of Miralax every morning to lessen the pain of having a bowel movement. I had never considered chiropractic care as an option for this condition. Then one day Annie had a painful episode in the office and Dr. Gunderson took the time to adjust her immediately.

The healing was instantaneous!! From that time until now, she has not had trouble having bowel movements. Not once! And she is fully potty trained now as well!! I feel so relieved and thankful for this healing of her little body. Needless to say, the whole family will be getting regular chiropractic care from now on!

–Mother of Annie