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Do we NEED milk?  Our Wisconsin Dairy State society would say…ABSOLUTELY!  But, let me challenge you with some thoughts.  I’m going to step on many toes today, especially those hard-working dairy farmers of Wisconsin that make our state “go”.  But, stepping on toes is what chiropractors do….all the time:)!  We are constantly and consistently going “against the norm” of our society (ie. against drugs, vaccinations, man-made food, etc.).

When I think of milk, I have to ask the question (like I do with everything), “Is this healthy and beneficial?”  Let me ask you.  Does this sound healthy?  Lets drink the product of another mammal that has been fed grains, antibiotics, growth hormone…not to mention it is pasteurized and the cows are heavily overweight from that diet and the lack of movement.  ps….this is not the case in full for all our milk producers, just the major large farms.  So, I’ll ask again, does this sound healthy?  The milk marketing board of WI will tell you, YES!  Commercial milk these days is stripped of most of the nutrients and then those nutrients are “put back in” synthetically.

To me, pasteurized milk is not even close to the super drink that many in Wisconsin profess it to be.  The pasteurization process destroys many of the healthy benefits of milk.  No wonder we have so many people allergic to milk and dairy products.  Dr. Mercola on his site explains this in more detail so I’ll let him show you the deleterious effects of this “wonder drink”.

Think twice about feeding your child, or yourself for that matter, milk!  There are other alternatives if you must drink some “milk”.  Alternatives like almond, rice, or coconut are good!  Enjoy reading the following articles.

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Naturally Restoring Your Health,

Dr. Gunderson