Altoona & Eau Claire, WI–


Fewer colds in family

Before seeing Dr. Gunderson at Health4Life Chiropractic, I had constant and chronic back pain from having small children and nursing my youngest.  I also had foot pain in both feet that felt like plantar fasciitis.  I was too young for all this pain and needed help!

After seeing Dr. Gunderson for my chiropractic care my back and neck have improved significantly.  Pain is completely gone in my feet and everywhere else most of the time!  When I have headaches, adjustments make them disappear!

Also, since coming to Health4Life Chiropractic I do feel like I have more energy!  I also have noticed fewer colds in our family overall.  Dr. Gunderson has been seeing me, my husband, and two of my sons and I’ve noticed much fewer and shorter colds since coming to see him.  My son, Grady, was congested from birth and chiropractic care has decreased his congestion significantly.

Thank you Health4Life for helping my family reach better health.  Chiropractic care will remain a part of our family’s health care for our entire lifetime!

–Shelly P.