Do you ever catch yourself saying, “I’ll get around to it later”?  Or maybe, you’ve used that phrase so much that you don’t even catch yourself saying it all the time to yourself.  Well, it’s time.  It’s time to stop saying that that phrase.  It’s time, to do it now.  Not later.  Not when New Years comes around.  Not when I’m married.  Not when the kids grow up and move out.  It’s time…!

As a practicing chiropractor in Altoona, there have been countless patients that have come into my office complaining of this or that, but had wished they addressed the issue years prior.  You see, they have let it go way too long.  They procrastinated their health.  Because of that, in their mind, they have said “It’s time” to finally take care of myself.  I can see it in their eyes.  They are ready for complete transformation in their lives so they can live healthier, more vibrant, lives.

It is my job to point them in the right direction to bring their health back.  I can’t do it for them.  Once they have said to themselves and made a promise to themselves that “It’s Time”, then we are ready to roll.  Then I, as their doctor, gets to say “It’s Time”.  It’s time to throw off the old self.  Just like in the Bible as it talks about when we accept Jesus into our hearts and lives that we get to “throw off” our old selves (spiritually speaking).  He gives us a new self and a new identity.  I, also, get to help people throw off their old physical self.

BUT, it takes great focus and effort.  It takes daily reflection on the phrase and commitment of “It’s Time”.  Life is about choices.  It is no more evident in our health.  When we make unhealthy choices over a period of time, our physical (and more) body suffers tremendously.

So, today are you going to say “It’s Time”!  If you don’t know where to start, let me recommend something.  November 3rd is an opportunity we only give once a year.  We are having our Patient Appreciation Days at our office (2204 N. Hillcrest Pkwy Ste. 1 Altoona) and all new patients can come in on Thursday the 3rd for absolutely FREE.  We ask that you bring a donation of money or items for Operation Christmas Child.  Here’s your chance to say “It’s Time”.  Make the appointment.  It will benefit you and your entire family to get under the wellness care of our office.  Call us at 715-598-4954 to schedule that soon as our slots are filling up fast; I only have a few spots left.

Naturally Restoring Your Health!

Dr. Gunderson