Altoona, WI–

I’ve heard many parents worry about bringing their kids along for their appointments as if they would be rowdy or unruly for some reason. Know that we have children in our office often! We invite you to bring your kids with you as we have a play area for the kids. They can be entertained while you get adjusted. Heck, let’s get them adjusted too! We have a small office intentionally, so that parents feel comfortable leaving their child in the play area while they get adjusted in the room next door with the door open the whole time.

Mom & Dad, “We got you”! We got your back! Bring the kids to your appointments and I would encourage you to have them adjusted as well!

Sometimes parents are worried about bringing their kids along for their appointments. Moms and Dads, “WE GOT YOU”! Bring them along! Let them make a mess of our kids area while you relax for your adjustment! Better yet, get them adjusted too!!!

Posted by Health4Life Chiropractic, LLC on Wednesday, March 14, 2018