Initial Visit

Upon Entering the Office

Our receptionist will welcome you as you walk in the door. We will request that you fill out the necessary Application4Care paperwork. This paperwork provides us with important general information about you and your condition. As you can understand this is an Application4Care as you must qualify to be a patient in our office. To save time you can download these off our website or have us fax the paperwork to you. If the paperwork is not filled out prior to coming in for your appointment please come 15 minutes early to allow time for this.

Health4Life Office Front Desk


Next you will have an indepth consultation with one of our doctors to discuss your concerns for coming into the office. This is a time to share with the doctor all of your health conditions and concerns.

Dr. Gunderson


After your consultation the doctor will do a detailed chiropractic examination to determine the cause of your problems. We use Insight Millennium Technology developed by the Chiropractic Leadership Alliance and approved by NASA to determine the exact cause of your problem with pinpoint accuracy and precision.

Initial Exam

Film Studies

If your specific condition warrants a film study they will be taken here in our office by either one of the doctors or technicians. Films allow us to take any guesswork out of your healthcare. We will only take the needed films to make the correct diagnosis on your condition. Films will also reveal to us any spinal decay or damage that has occurred over your lifetime.

Film Studies and Diagnostics Station

Report of Findings

After the doctor has studied your films and your Insight Millennium scans he will sit down with you and discuss what the tests revealed and whether or not chiropractic can help you. If the doctor feels he can help you the doctor will lay out a plan to help you regain your health. Before any treatment is rendered you will know the cost associated with it.


Due to the extremely effective and unique technique and protocols our doctors incorporate into your corrective care programs it is highly recommended that your spouse/significant other accompany you to the report so that he/she may fully understand your health issues the recommendations that are being made and is able to help you follow through with home-care exercises and stretches. Furthermore it is our belief that families need to make all decisions including health related decisions as a family