Daily Headaches Are Gone

Before coming to see Dr. Gunderson, my health was not good. Several years ago, I was 7 months pregnant when I found out I had a brain aneurysm. After a successful delivery of a second daughter, I had surgery for my aneurysm. I suffered some mini-strokes. I returned to work after being off for 6 months. This brought additional stressors back into my life. I was suffering with daily headaches and some migraines. I also was having back and neck pain.

Dr. Gunderson gave a presentation at my work and after that presentation I decided to come in for a check-up. Dr. Gunderson started adjusting me and now I no longer have daily headaches. Dr. Gunderson is helping with my back and neck pain. Most of my days are pain free! I can focus more on my family and my work!

Also, since coming to Health4Life, I have more energy with my daughters and am in a better, more peaceful mood. I am able to get more exercise. I am understanding my body better and how it all works together and how to take better care of it.

–Deb V.



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Watching too many basketball games caused

severe pain in the lower back

Before starting chiropractic care at Health4Life Chiropractic, my general health was OK, but watching too many basketball games and sitting on bleachers caused severe pain in my lower back especially on the right side.

Since coming to see Dr. Gunderson at Health4Life, I’ve noticed significant relief of my lower back pain and it is gone!  I have seen Dr. Gunderson for several months and now I continue to receive chiropractic care on a monthly basis to ensure proper spinal health.

One other change I’ve noticed since beginning care is that my morning workouts have been more enjoyable now that I don’t have the pain.

–Jack M.


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Fewer colds in family

Before seeing Dr. Gunderson at Health4Life Chiropractic, I had constant and chronic back pain from having small children and nursing my youngest.  I also had foot pain in both feet that felt like plantar fasciitis.  I was too young for all this pain and needed help!

After seeing Dr. Gunderson for my chiropractic care my back and neck have improved significantly.  Pain is completely gone in my feet and everywhere else most of the time!  When I have headaches, adjustments make them disappear!

Also, since coming to Health4Life Chiropractic I do feel like I have more energy!  I also have noticed fewer colds in our family overall.  Dr. Gunderson has been seeing me, my husband, and two of my sons and I’ve noticed much fewer and shorter colds since coming to see him.  My son, Grady, was congested from birth and chiropractic care has decreased his congestion significantly.

Thank you Health4Life for helping my family reach better health.  Chiropractic care will remain a part of our family’s health care for our entire lifetime!

–Shelly P.



Child’s Constipation is Gone

Before coming to Health4Life Chiropractic, my daughter had dealt with constipation issues for almost all of her 2.5 years of life and it was getting really bad!  Potty training was impossible.  We had to give her tablespoons of Miralax every morning to lessen the pain of having a bowel movement.  I had never considered chiropractic care as an option for this condition.  Then one day Annie had a painful episode in the office and Dr. Gunderson took the time to adjust her immediately.

The healing was instantaneous!!  From that time until now, she has not had trouble having bowel movements.  Not once!  And she is fully potty trained now as well!!  I feel so relieved and thankful for this healing of her little body.  Needless to say, the whole family will be getting regular chiropractic care from now on!

–Mother of Annie



“I have had a bad flu bug for about three weeks, when it got so bad that nothing else would help, I went to see Dr. Tim, within three days after being adjusted, the sickness was gone and I felt like a new person. Working with Dr. Tim is a first line of defense against illness… not the last. I learned my lesson. Thanks Dr. Tim!”




Thank you, Health4Life staff, for providing me the ability to have a better life!

My name is Heather and when I first came to Health4Life, I was skeptical.  I had been to other chiropractors before and they would make me feel better for a day or two, but then the pain would return.  My husband set the appointment for the both of us and when I went in, I was greeted by Christa with a big smileJ!  Everyone in the office was very friendly.  I felt welcomed!  I met with Dr. Gunderson and he took the time to sit down with me and get to know me.  We then did some examinations and set up another appointment to go over the results.  On our next appointment, he sat down with me and explained the results so that I could understand them.  He also explained in detail what he was going to do to help me get the most out of his care.  Since then I have been felling better.  I have more energy, and am to do more things with my kids.  He has not only helped my back but has helped my entire body and way of life.  I would strongly recommend anyone to go to Health4Life for their chiropractic needs.  Thank you, Health4Life staff, for providing me the ability to have a better life!

–Heather M.


“Not a waste of money, but an investment in your health”

I saw Dr. Tim Gunderson’s ad in the paper for $15 consultation, exam, & x-ray and I figured, what the heck, what’s $15—just lunch or case of beerJ.  I made the appointment to see if he could help me with my leg and joint pain.  After a few visits, I saw great improvement!  Not knowing what to expect, I was pleasantly surprised to receive the benefits of chiropractic care.  Dr. Gunderson explains everything to you so you can understand it.  Also, my wife invested in the $15 check-up.  She has been receiving care as well and feels much better and I can see it at home that she feels much better overall.  My advice is that if you are thinking about coming in for chiropractic care, just do it!  It is not a waste of your money, but an investment in your health.

–Dale M.




Family of 4 gets healthy with Chiropractic

After suffering for years with chronic lower back pain, I decided to see if Dr. Gunderson could help.  Before I came in for my first appointment I was unable to do anything without pain.  After getting treatment from Health4Life I am no longer in pain and I have much more energy.

I had such success with Chiropractic care that I brought my husband and sons in for treatment as well.  My husband also had chronic lower back pain and he also suffered from numbness in his legs after he had been kneeling or squatting while at work.  Since receiving treatment from Dr. Gunderson his pain is almost non-existent and the numbness in his legs has completely disappeared.  He has more energy and is better able to get through the day at work!

I decided to see if Chiropractic would be able to help my two young sons.  One suffered from bed wetting and the other had problems getting and staying asleep.  They haven’t been seeing Dr. Gunderson for long but they have already made great improvements!  We’ve noticed a significant improvement in night-time wetting for our one son and more sound sleep from the other.  We will continue bringing them in for care and expect to see even better results.



Patient recovers from work injury and continues with wellness care

& so does her child!

When I came to Health4Life Chiropractic, I was struggling with severe lower back pain from a work injury.  I also have a history of chronic headaches, migraines, and insomnia.

Since coming to Health4Life for care by Dr. Gunderson, I have completely recovered from my work injury and am pain-free in regards to my lower back pain.  I’m back to work and am excited to help support my family again!  Also, I have seen a drastic reduction in my chronic headaches as well as migraines.  I am sleeping better now than I have ever in my life!  This is all amazing!

Prior to coming to Health4Life, I never realized how my headaches, migraines, and lack of sleep affected my everyday life.

Since coming to Dr. Gunderson’s office, I have had one of my children under care as well for his scoliosis and frequent colds.  He also would wake up multiple times a night and come down to our bed and wake us up.  With our child’s chiropractic care, he has been sleeping a lot better and I hope his scoliosis improves greatly!

I am very thankful to Dr. Gunderson, and the staff at Health4Life, for improving my health and my life! J

Val & Parker B.


From not being able to do his job, to going above and beyond with a lot more energy!

Before starting chiropractic care, I had a very sore lower back with pain shooting down my left leg. I had a fair amount of weakness in that leg as well. I also had a stiff neck for many years.

Since getting chiropractic care at Health4Life, my back is still sore and stiff some days, but I don’t have sharp pain shooting down my leg. The strength in my left leg has improved a lot. Also, I have seen improvement in my neck.

I’ve also noticed improvement in other areas of my health! I milk cows for a living, and needed help for a short time as the pain and weakness in my leg was a big problem. My wife was helping me with my chores. However, since coming to Health4Life, I am now able to do the chores on my own and have enough strength and energy to do extra chores now. I couldn’t even think about doing those extra chores prior to visiting Health4Life Chiropractic. I guess it’s also nice to sleep all night in my bed which I couldn’t do prior as I was spending my nights sleeping on the recliner.

I really appreciate all the results I have received here at Health4Life!

–Darrel R.

Amazing Chiropractic Results




I took my 14 year old son to see Dr. Gunderson because he suffered from bedwetting. His bedwetting put his social life on hold from sleepovers. After about 6 weeks of treatments his bedwetting started to improve. He is now not so embarrassed to stay at friend’s houses anymore.

Thank you, Dr. Gunderson, for all your help!

–Tammy S.


Health4Life Is the Answer to My Prayers!

As a nurse, I did not believe in chiropractic care. I thought if something hurt, you needed to go to the medical doctor. I saw Dr. Gunderson was offering an evaluation for a discounted price and I thought I would see what he had to say. As a nurse, everything he said made perfect sense.

After an adjustment, a knee that I was having problems with improved. I was sold! Not only does Dr. Gunderson treat but he teaches too! That is a wonderful quality of Health4Life. His staff is always happy to see you and everyone is always smiling. I look forward to my appointments.

I’m not sure if it is the adjustments or the staff, but I have 95% relief in my knee pain, more energy and a positive attitude!

Health4Life is the answer to my prayers!

T.Z.–Eleva, WI

Headaches & Lower Back Pain Are Gone!


Even after neck surgery, Dr. Gunderson was able to help me!

Before coming to Health4Life Chiropractic, my neck was extremely sore with chronic pain and limited range of motion.
Since getting care from Dr. Gunderson at Health4Life Chiropractic, my ongoing pain is gone. Also, the pain is now limited to times when I turn my neck significantly from side to side.
In addition to the pain relief, I’m sleeping much better and my anxiety over long term chronic pain has greatly diminished.
–Colleen C.

Back to Riding Horse Without Pain

Before starting chiropractic care at Health4Life Chiropractic, I had tension headaches every day and could hardly sit in a car for an hour without my lower back hurting.
Since coming to see Dr. Gunderson, I no longer get headaches and it’s easier to sit in a car for hours on end. I can finally enjoy being out in the sun and traveling again.
In addition to that, I’ve also noticed that my back doesn’t hurt as much after riding my horse and it’s much easier to saddle her with all the strength I have gained!
–Stacey N.

K.T’s Testimony


R.T.’s Testimony


J.O.’s Testimony


Decrease in Headaches and Back Pain

Thanks to Dr. Tim Gunderson I have had an extremely noticeable decrease in headaches and back pain.

I have suffered for years with headaches and back pain. I had previously treated with physical therapy and with a medical provider, but ended up going back to therapy several times and the pain kept coming back. I would have flare ups every couple of years and end up back where I started. I had frequent headaches and migraines, I just treated them, and never thinking it could be related to my neck and back.

My first experience with Dr. Gunderson was at Curves for a spinal screening. I had some reservations about chiropractic care but decided to take the chance and schedule a consultation. I was immediately comfortable with Dr. Gunderson and that was carried over the day I came into the office for my first consultation. When I walked into the office, I was greeted by the staff and felt immediately like this is the type of office I could come to and feel like a friend.

After my consultation, I came back in for my results and was told that I had Forward Head Posture, a diagnosis I was not familiar with, but Dr. Gunderson explained it to me and told me of the treatment plan that would best help to improve my health. He also explained the subluxations and all the affects it can have on your health and wellness. I was in shock to think that the problems I’ve had for so long could be cause by this.

I admit I was nervous about my first alignment and wasn’t sure what to expect and how my body would react to it. But it was simple and I was ready to go. As I have continued on with the treatments, I have noticed I’ve had very few headaches and after I spend a weekend doing housework or out and about that my back doesn’t bother me the next day. My job can require me to do a lot of bending and twisting when I fill in for one of my coworkers and I’ve noticed that when I have filled in for her my back isn’t bothering me as much. I’ve had an increase in my energy and my overall general feeling of wellness has greatly increased.

The staff is great and so friendly; they’ve worked with my schedule to get me in for treatments. They are all so professional and I really feel like a friend, not just another face when I go for my appointments. Dr. Gunderson has truly made a difference in my health.

–Jamie C., Altoona

Now Pain Free After 27 years of Headaches

I started getting migraine headaches during my freshman year of high school, and by senior year would experience 2-3 debilitating headaches a week. You may know the kind of blurred and spotty vision, and pounding and nauseating pain that would only go away after hours of sleep and a few trips to the bathroom to get sick. I had test after test done, neurological exams, diabetes tests, and more. I tried maintenance prescriptions, over the counter medicine and managing diet. I thought I was just destined to live with pain. This winter, I visited Dr. Tim for a different concern; I had tweaked my back and wanted him to help me get back on track. After a few visits my back began to feel great, and we scheduled a series of maintenance adjustments. After a month of seeing Dr. Tim I realized that I had not had a headache since my first appointment. This was remarkable after 27 years of 2 headaches per week. It’s now been 6 months and I have had only one headache, a mild one that never reached the level of a migraine. What a difference!

–Quincy C., Eau Claire

Suffering from back pain for years!

I have suffered with back pain for years. My back was one giant knot! I never believed in chiropractors. I thought it was a waste of money. On a whim, I went to see Dr. Gunderson. I was very hesitant. When I saw the x-rays, my jaw dropped! I could see an “S”! I knew I had to do something now!

After two weeks, I noticed a great improvement. The giant knot in my back was greatly reduced. I was sleeping better. My next set of x-rays showed great improvement. I am on the road to recovery.

I now believe in chiropractic 100%! It is well worth the investment! The staff has made me feel very welcome. They are more than willing to work around my changing work schedule. Thank You!

–Cathy W.

Positive Changes both Physically & Mentally

Dr. Tim, you and your staff, Deb, have given me a new outlook on my life. Since my initial adjustments, I can see positive changes both physically and mentally.

I wish to congratulate you and I for changing my downward spiral of my overall health and well-being.

See you soon, my new friends!

–N.T., Eau Claire

A Life Restored after a Serious Car Accident

After a serious car accident in 2005, and 8 surgeries between 2005 and March of 2009, my neck and back pain were so severe. I dreaded getting out of bed each day. I was unable to work, enjoy my children, or any of the activities I did before the accident.

After receiving care at Health4Life Chiropractic, my headaches have disappeared in just 2 weeks of treatment. The burning ache that radiates down both arms is all but gone. I am waking up refreshed, moving more easily, and my strength and endurance are improving each week.

I have more energy! I am able to enjoy walks and parks with my family again. My mood has improved greatly! I have hope that soon I will be pain-free and returning to work full-time. Health4Life is a huge blessing!

This form doesn’t even begin to describe the amazing changes I’ve seen in my pain and energy levels since starting treatment with Dr. Gunderson. My pain had gotten so severe, there were only five reasons I got out of bed each day; their names are Zakk, P.J., Gabe, Kianna, & Natalia. Without my children, I’m sure I would’ve given up long ago. Now, I’m hopeful. I am energetic. I have hopes of returning to work and enjoying activities I haven’t been able to enjoy for nearly 4 years! And it’s just the beginning! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for renewing my faith, my strength, and my optimism for a good future. I’m looking forward to more and more pain-free days!

–Lisa, Eau Claire

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